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African Academy of Sciences
African Fisheries & Aquaculture Society
African Lake Fisheries
ALCOM Zimbabwe
Annual and Semiannual of Somali Current
Current Status of Somali Fisheries
Distribution Three Dominant Tuna Species in the Indian Ocean
El nino and Guinea
Fisheries Development in Ethiopia
Fisheries of Eritrea
ICLARM for Africa & West Asia
Illegal Fishing Report
Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing: Australian Experience
Illegal Fishing and Dumping Hazardous Wastes in Somali Waters
Indian Ocean: Oceanography & Climatology
Indian Ocean SST and Indian summer rainfall
Living Marine Resource os Somalia
Mogadishu Homepage
Pan-African Conference on Coastal Management
Premier Fishing S. Africa
Research on Nuclear In Indian Ocean
Rogue Fishing in Somalia Waters
S. Africa Coastal Web links
S. African Marine Fisheries Policy
S. African Sea Fisheries Directorate
S. African Universities
Secretariat E. African Coastal Mang.
Somalia Elders Campaign VS Illegal Fishing: in Somali
Somali Marine and Coastal Conservation
Tuna Related Report
UNEP Report on Dumping Hazardous Waster
World Conservation Union for Eastern Africa
Zoological Society of South Africa

Somali Fishery Society